Humboldt County Commission meets Oct. 9

Humboldt County Commission to meet Monday, Oct. 9 at 9:30 a.m.

• Consent agenda

— Re-appointment of Bob Buckingham to the Paradise Valley Weed District Board of Directors for a 4-year term. Appointment of Daniel Gordon to the weed district.

• Golconda General Improvement District matters

• Mcdermitt General Improvement District matters

• Paradise Valley Sewer District matters

• Employee of the Month (July)

• District Court: Award of Mental Health Collaboration Grant from BJA totaling $300,000 annually

• Set to Public Hearing: Orovada General Improvement District expansion

• 10:00 a.m. Public Hearings:

— An Ordinance Amending Title 17 Zoning, Chapter 10 “General Provisions”, specifically “Medical Marijuana Establishments Prohibited” to the Humboldt County Code to include the Prohibition of Marijuana Establishments as defined by NRS Chapter 453D in all Zoning Districts within the unincorporated areas of Humboldt County (HC), and amending the Prohibited Uses to include Marijuana Establishments as defined by NRS Chapter 453D as a prohibited use.

— Nuisance complaint filed against properties owned by Manuel R. & Angelica M. Gomez

• Quarterly Road Report

• County purchase of Star City Water District and reselling to Gold Country — Possible action for Humboldt County to enter into an agreement to purchase the Star City Water District and subsequently transfer or sell the Water System to Gold Country Water. Discussion regarding the financial or legal considerations pertaining to the County managing and maintaining a water system as well as implications related to state and federal requirements to allow for the pass through of a water system from one private entity to another.

• Sheriff: ADS replacement software/hardware for civil service and liquor/gaming licenses

• Sheriff: Request to apply for hazard mitigation plan grant award

• Justice Court: Waiver of the attrition policy

• District Attorney: Waiver of the county attrition policy

• Library: Waiver of the county attrition policy

• Library: Approval of Denio Library supplies and furniture

• Library: Permission to accept Collection Development Grant

• Presentation by Sean Gephart (Nevada Department of Agriculture) on noxious weeds

• Water plan final draft approval for final public hearings

• Professional services agreement with CSI, Inc — Possible approval of a professional services agreement between Humboldt County and CSI for project management in conjunction with Phase III of the Public Safety Communications project in an amount not to exceed $371,000 in FY 2018; $392,000 in FY 2019 and $392,000 in FY 2020 based on the September 28, 2017 Statement of Work.

• Human Resources: Possible approval of an agreement between NEOGOV and Humboldt County for purchase of an applicant tracking system to enable the electronic handling of Humboldt County’s recruitment needs in an amount not to exceed $12,300.