Counterfeit money being passed around Winnemucca

Over recent weeks, businesses in Winnemucca have reported receiving counterfeit $100 dollar bills. Many of the bills passed the detection marker test, but they do not have additional security features of legitimate U.S. currency.

As such, business owners and cashiers are urged to pay special attention to any $100 bills given as payment, especially any containing the serial number H136610648A. 

Also, look for security features that are present on printed U.S. currency which include color shifting ink, raised and detailed printing, watermarks, and security thread and ribbons. 

If you are given what you believe to be a bogus bill, it is requested that you don’t give the bill back to the customer. Rather, make note of the subjects and vehicles involved (including the license plate), and notify law enforcement. 

Pershing County Sheriff’s Office — 775-273-2641.