Students and Teacher: Tips for beating the mid-year slump

(StatePoint) Whether you’re a teacher or a student, staying motivated for the rest of the school year can be a challenge. But, what happens in the classroom counts long after the school year is new.

Here are some great ways to make the grade, all year long.

Try New Things

Stepping outside your comfort zone can make school seem like a less humdrum place. Consider signing up for after school activities you hadn’t previously considered.

Whether it’s the school play, yearbook or intramural soccer, challenging yourself in new ways can have an overall motivational effect that can translate to the classroom, and you may just discover previously untapped skills and passions.

Get New Tech Gear

Teachers and students alike can give their school year a boost by gearing up with new technology that aids their educational efforts.

If you’re in a numbers slump, consider revolutionizing math class and test prep with a new graphing calculator that features additional capabilities. For example, with the advanced features of a next-generation graphing calculator, such as the fx-CG50 PRIZM from Casio, students may find it easier to grasp complex math concepts. Its natural textbook display and icon-based menu are easy to use, and its three-dimensional graph drawing and improved catalog functions allow for greater engagement and real-life application.

During the mid-year slump, teachers can create an enthusiastic learning environment with new technology, such as the XJ-F210WN LampFree projector from Casio, which combines a laser and LED light source to create a high-brightness, mercury-free tool that uses half the amount of power per unit than other lamp-based projectors. This makes it a safer and more affordable choice for schools looking to go green and save money. Because it reaches full brightness in as fast as five seconds from the time it is powered on, it reduces dull down time for students, carving out more time for engaging lessons.

Find Some Pals

Make studying a more cooperative venture by forming a study group where everyone stands to benefit. Those who grasped the material fullest can explain it to others, thereby reinforcing the concepts for themselves, too.

Make sessions fun by rotating who hosts and providing healthy snacks. Afterwards, treat yourselves to a fun activity like a movie.

With new gear, ambitions and study habits, you can make the rest of the year count.