Lutheran preschool hosts holiday party

Lutheran preschool hosts holiday party

Lutheran preschool hosts holiday party

The preschool program at Christ Lutheran Church invited parents to attend snack time with their children this past Wednesday. Students returning from outside were welcomed back to the classroom by the smiles of their parents.

On Wednesday, Nov. 22, preschool teacher Gail Brannan ushered the four-year-old first-time students into the classroom with a surprise parental gathering. The students waved while smiling at moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas. Amid their excitement, they still managed to stay in a tightly formed line. Each student received a turkey sandwich, chips and a cookie for their snack.

The day before the Thanksgiving holiday, students from both the morning and afternoon classes wrote in a booklet about what they were thankful for this holiday season. The students held some items in high regard, taking the time to be grateful for things ranging from juicy watermelon, their beds and a new home.

“We don’t normally celebrate Thanksgiving here, or any of the major holidays at the school because we do not know who celebrates the holiday, so we call it more of a feast,” explained preschool teacher Lena Slade-Cahill after the event, “Today we represented Thanksgiving with turkey and cheese sandwiches. We want to show them we celebrate the holiday at the school but we can’t go to an extreme with it.”

The kids didn’t mind either way and after lunch Brannan led the students into the other classroom to perform a couple of turkey songs for the visiting parents. After the students sang the songs, they were signed out of class by their guardians and said goodbye to their teacher Brannan, who provided a sticker for each of her students.

The Christ Lutheran preschool recently celebrated its 15th anniversary and made t-shirts available for purchase through November. “Fifteen years. It is crazy how fast the years go by,” exclaimed Brannan.

Disclaimer: Travis Masterson's daughter currently attends the Christ Lutheran preschool.