Hooping it up in the Pershing County gym

Hooping it up in the Pershing County gym

Hooping it up in the Pershing County gym

Generations of basketball players clashed in the PCHS gym on Tuesday night. The 2017 boys and girls basketball teams challenged their elders to a friendly competition for a good cause. Youth trumped experience in both games.

The PCHS girls won by a nose at 23-18. The Mustang boys stampeded across the finish line 69-27 ,way ahead of their opponents. But everyone hooped it up in the high school gym.

The PCHS alums and parents included men from the Class of 1984 (Ed Bake, Gabbs) through the Class of 2016 (Marcus Nester, PCHS).

The rest of the alumni included Ronnie Burrows (PCHS, 1991), Rick Campbell (PCHS, 1978), Lance Condie (Reed, 1988), Joe Zile (Bonanza, 1996), Will Barter (Tonopah,1994), George Cholico (1994, PCHS), Jake Montes (PCHS, 2009), Sergio Gonzalez (PCHS, 2012), Cesar Olivas (PCHS, 2005) and Tony Nelson (PCHS, 2007).

The Mustang boys and girls gave the crowd a taste of the season that looms ahead.

Five senior boys stand poised at the start of their final year of high school basketball. Martin Cholico, Owen Bake, Lane Condie, Kyle Barter and Brandon Zile graduate this spring.

Before they walk across the stage the foursome teams up with three juniors (Sam Bokori, Derek Sandusky and Chuey Acosta), a sophomore (Sebastien Donaldson) and a freshman (Cody Zile).

Jason Allen (PCHS, 2000) coaches the varsity boys. Steve Cerini (Rocko) will coach JV. Cesar Olivas, Tom Donaldson and Tony Nelson assist.

The 2017 Lady Mustang basketball team includes five seniors. Marissa Garcia, Sydney Jensen, Taryn Houston, Itatty Espinoza, and Desiree Mosier will lead the squad. They’ll buddy up with a sophomore (Makenna Houston), and three juniors (Maria Jimenez, Kati Cerini and Faith Happy).

Lee Houston coaches the varsity girls. Alex Graham coaches JV.

On Monday, the Lady Mustangs vied with 11 PCHS alum: Cassie Booth (2007), Emilee Houston (2002), Kendra Mitchell (2011), Michelle Montes (2010), Jordan McKinney (2002), Christie Scillaci (2003), Vanessa Campbell (2005), Grace Moreira (2012), Arlene Nelson (1999), Abby Bake (2015) and Shelby Reed (2010).

“I haven’t played organized basketball since high school, so it was fun to play a real game,” said Booth. “I was super proud of our alumni team and the Lady Mustangs are great.”

A concession stand sold walking tacos. Students hawked raffle tickets. The annual event raised for the boys and girls JV and varsity basketball teams.

“We made a change this year and allowed senior moms and dads to play,” said Houston. “Every dollar raised, including the entry fee, went to the boys and girls basketball programs. So not only was it a great time, but it benefited the teams.”

“I want to thank everyone who came out and supported the kids,” said Allen. “Thanks to the alum that played. We raised $1,100 in an hour-and-a-half so that’s good. And we had a blast both years.”