Lion's Club hosts tournament for veterans

Lion's Club hosts tournament for veterans

Lion's Club hosts tournament for veterans

The Winnemucca Host Lion’s Club hosted a very successful Veterans Day softball tournament Sat. Nov. 11. Jenny Setzer, a new member of the Lion’s Club, chaired the committee that put together the tournament. 

As a softball enthusiast, Setzer joined her mom as a Lion’s Club member when the club started considering putting on a softball tournament.

“I believe in the many things the Lion’s Club does for our community,” said Setzer, “so joining was a no-brainer.”  

Deciding to honor local veteran Leon Franklin at the tournament and having him throw out the first pitch was also a pretty easy choice, Setzer said.

“We chose Leon because he had served five tours in Vietnam and he was active duty Air Force for 22 years. He flew in the SonTay Raid — and to top it off, he’s a lifetime member of the Lion’s Club.”

Once Franklin threw out the beginning pitch, play was on and seven teams had a blast competing during the day in the co-ed softball tournament, Setzer said. “A lot of us miss the 44-hour tournament and there’s so much league play and other tournaments — we were looking for a date and Veterans Day turned out to be the perfect time this year.”

They hope to do the tournament every year. Setzer said, “It may not turn out to be on Veterans Day but it will be a Veterans Tournament,”

This year’s tournament was a success because softball players know how to have a good time, Setzer said. “It was a success because they helped us out — and we had good prizes for the home run derby.” 

The new Lion’s Club member was enthusiastic about her decision to get involved with the club. “We encourage anyone, who is looking for an opportunity to serve our community, to give us a call,” Setzer said. ‘Lions is a great way to do it.”