Education Coordinator hired for Lander County EMS

Education Coordinator hired for Lander County EMS

Education Coordinator hired for Lander County EMS

Lander County Emergency Medical Services (LCEMS) recently hired Myra Wall as Education and Training coordinator. The position was created to improve emergency medical response throughout the county.

LCEMS Director Delicia Priest announced Wall’s new position with the response team on Nov. 3. Speaking to Wall's qualifications, Priest said, “Myra has been in EMS for the past 21 years and has worked for Lander County EMS for the past 2.5 years. With Myra’s pre-hospital teaching experience, she is the perfect fit for the position and here at the right time.”

Wall has nine years' teaching experience in education and a bachelor’s degree in hospital medicine from Columbia College. “Wall being in this position will allow for Lander County EMS to put on more classes for first responders, hospital employees and the community,” said Priest.

Instead of splitting her time between conducting training and responding to calls for EMS, Wall can now focus on leading the training courses across the county. Wall also expects to travel to the Lander County communities of Austin and Kingston to provide training. Austin and Kingston first responders will also occasionally travel to Battle Mountain to join in training there.

“I will be doing all of the medical education training for Battle Mountain General Hospital (BMGH) and the community courses for EMT programs, Wall explained. She will also teach continuing education classes that general medical personnel are required to keep updated.

“We are also in the process of getting a live web broadcast for the courses so the people of Austin and Kingston can attend without traveling,” Wall said.

Priest is expecting more classes to be available now that they have someone focused on leading those training courses. “Look for new classes coming soon,” she said.