Union Township Justice Court

Nov. 1

Jose Edward Cervantes pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery. He was fined $1000 + $140AA. The Judge stayed $500 for six months on condition he has no new violations of the law. 

Nov. 2

Joseph George Clymer Jr. pleaded guilty to DUI-1. A second charge of operating an unregistered vehicle was dismissed as per the plea agreement. The defendant was sentenced to 30 days in jail, with 28 days stayed for two years on condition he serve two days – he was given credit for two days already served. He was fined $400 + $125 AA + $60 forensic fee + $100 Special DUI fee. Defendant was given credit of $300 for three days jail time already served. DUI School was ordered as well as a Victim Impact Panel. Defendant also ordered to pay a $250 public defender fee. No alcohol, no controlled substances unless prescribed by a physician. No further criminal activity other than minor traffic violations. 

Trinidad Ozuna was found not guilty of first-offense domestic battery at a bench trial before the Justice of the Peace. The case was dismissed.

Nov. 3

Sarah Sharpbutte pleaded no contest to false report of a crime. She was fined $1,000 + $140 AA + $200 bench warrant/late fee for failure to appear. Defendant was given $1,000 credit for 10 days served in jail. The remaining fines and fees were suspended on condition the defendant attend three Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a week and bringing proof  to the court once a week. No alcohol. 

Charges of petit larceny against Marnie Kathleen Brewer  were dismissed pursuant to negotiations with the Humboldt County DA’s Office. 

Kevin Robert Snow pleaded guilty to an amended charge of rural speeding. He was fined $180 + $95 AA.

David Jonathan Nomura Jr. pleaded guilty to a charge of misdemeanor possession of a drug not to be introduced into interstate commerce. That charge was amended as the result of plea negotiation with the Humboldt County DA’s Office His original charges were possession of a controlled substance for sale and transporting a controlled substance. He was fined $500 + $140 AA.