Denio, Quinn River TV boards

Humboldt County Board of Commissioners set public hearings to discuss merging Denio and Quinn River Television Districts with that of Humboldt County. The hearings will take place on Nov. 20 at 10 a.m. at the Humboldt County courthouse commissioners meeting hall.

In Denio’s case, the TV district’s governing board ran out of possible candidates due to term limits and other circumstances. Humboldt County has already undertaken maintenance for the TV district. It was stated that the TV district collected service fees while Humboldt County collected the costs.

County Comptroller Gina Rackley said that services were more effectively managed through Humboldt TV district, and merging Denio TV district with Humboldt would only make the current arrangement official. 

The commission found in both Denio and Quinn River TV districts that the merger would be in the best interest for the county. Neither TV district has any debt for Humboldt TV district to take on should the mergers go forward.

The public hearings will give the residents affected by the mergers the chance to ask questions and voice their concerns before the commission makes its decision.