Winnemucca officials respond to fatal accident at Marigold Mine

At 2:15 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) received a call from Marigold Mine. It was a “mayday” requesting all available resources. Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Allen said, “At that point, we didn't know what it was.”

Multiple medical units from Humboldt Gemeral Hospital including the MedXAirOne helicopter responded along with units from HCSO, Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) and Nevada Division of Investigation.

“Once we were on scene, we determined that it was a mining accident in which there were fatalities as well as individuals who were injured,” Allen said. “We are still investigating at the current time. It is a joint investigation with MSHA, HCSO and NHP – NHP is assisting us with some diagramming.”

No names are being released at this time and Sheriff Allen said he did not know the number of fatalities and injuries at this time.

“I think our people are going to be there for quite a while tonight,” Allen said at 5:30 on Tuesday. “MSHA just got on scene and we're working with them.”

Allen said Lander Co Sheriff's Office called and offered assistance and Lander County ambulance was on scene, although he did not know if they transported anyone.

The Sun will update this story as new information becomes available.