Winnemucca Police Blotter

On Dec. 20, HCSO arrested Thomas Barajas Mercado, age 53, on two felony counts of lewdness with a child under 14. Bail $500,000.

On Dec. 22, WPD arrested Heather Adams, age 25, on felony charges of grand larceny, probation violation and child endangerment. Bail $15,000.

On Dec. 24, NHP arrested Yvonne Johnson on two counts of failure to maintain travel lane, four counts of DUI-alcohol and drugs, open container of alcohol in the vehicle and driving while license revoked for DUI.

On Dec. 20, HCSO arrested Steve Dixon, age 40, on a felony charge for second offense violation of a temporary protective order. Bail $5,000.

On Dec. 23, HCSO arrested David Blain Avera, age 49, on felony charges of sex offender failure to register, ex felon in possession of a firearm, illegal possession of a stun gun, possession of a dangerous weapon and suspended registration. Bail $47,855. He was booked in Pershing County.

On Dec. 24, NHP arrested Vitaliy N. Moshkovskiy for speeding 22 miles an hour over the limit and driving while license suspended or revoked for a DUI in California. Bail $1,465.

On Dec. 20, HCSO arrested Carlos Travon Torres on a felony domestic violence including strangulation charge. Torres had one prior conviction for battery and domestic violence within seven years.  Bail $15,000

On Dec. 24, HCSO arrested Juan Alvarez, age 31, on misdemeanor charges of DUI-2. Bail $1,650.

On Dec. 25, HCSO arrested Mark Pruitt, age 31, on misdemeanor charges of DUI-1 and speeding. Bail $1,255.