Lovelock man gets boot camp

Jerry Lindsay Bokori came to court from the Pershing County Jail for a dispositional hearing on a probation violation. Public Defender Steve Cochran represented the defendant.

Bokori's face looked familiar to many in the room. He's been struggling with addiction for several years.

"Mr. Bokori will do whatever the court deems appropriate to keep from going to prison," said Cochran.

"The past couple weeks we've been discussing what would work to keep him in the community on supervision and not in custody," said  Cochran. "He's tried different programs with varying degrees of success. Sometimes it takes more than one try. I don't think there's anything out there we haven't tried before."

"He's tearing down his own life as he relapses, but he's truly not victimizing anyone else in a criminal context."

Deputy DA Jack Bullock disagreed with Cochran's recommendation.

"This defendant has had time after time after time," he said. 

Bullock chronicled the defendant's history. 

"He's been to New Frontier. He walked away from the Salvation Army after 72 days..." said Bullock.

"We all know that trying to break an addiction is difficult, but at some point, if he's not rising to the occasion the system has to say ‘enough is enough,' and I believe that time is now."

"We ask the court to sentence the defendant to the original term," concluded the Deputy DA. "I don't see any other path for him at this point."

The Judge recognized Bokori's right to allocution. The young man spoke to the court before sentencing.

"I slipped up," he said, "I thought I had enough time under my belt, but I fell back into addiction. I would like another chance to redeem myself."

Judge Shirley sentenced Bokori to boot camp.

The Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) runs a regimental discipline program in Clark County. The Three Lakes Valley Conservation Camp houses up to 192 men, all nonviolent offenders.

According to the NDOC website, the state supplies inmates to the Nevada Division of Forestry to fight wildfires, pick up roadside litter and other projects. The men live a military lifestyle. Afterward, they return to court with a recommendation of either incarceration or probation.