Lowry High School December students and staff of the month

Freshman Sam Roth was nominated by Mrs. Corrine James and Mrs. Mary Keith.  They both said, “Sam is an amazing student. Sam works quietly on his own to complete his individual work; However, Sam also works well in groups and is well-respected by his peers. Sam listens extremely well during instruction. He is a very kind and mature young man who demonstrates greatness on a daily basis!”

Sophomore Joshua Turner was nominated by Mrs. Corrine James and Mrs. Mary Keith.  “Joshua is an amazing young man. He comes to class on time prepared to learn. He as probably taught me as much as I have taught him. He is very kind. He plays soccer and always makes sure to get his work done. Joshua is creative and intelligent. I appreciate Joshua and proudly recommend him for student of the month.”

Junior Josiah Chapman was nominated by Mrs. Corrine James. “Josiah is a very sweet young man who has great attendance and a passion for acting. Josiah admits when he makes a mistake and he has no problem accepting the consequences of his actions. He is humble and kind. I appreciate his readiness to help at all times.”

Senior Ali Wirthlin was also nominated by Mrs. Corrine James. “Ali is in her second year of Stagecraft. Currently Ali is the stage manager. She is organized and creative. She is kind and works well with others. Ali is an amazing young lady who helps put all the small details into the plays. Ali works very hard and is 110% dependable.”

Our staff member for the month of December is Ms. Kelly Ross.  She was nominated by various members of our Leadership class.  Emmanuel Guillon had some very nice comments about Mrs. Ross: “Ms. Ross is a wonderful and dedicated teacher. Every day she comes prepared to teach with a smile on her face and a new quote on her board. Ms. Ross always tries to be available to her students when they need her. She is sympathetic, patient, and really worries about her students grades and makes sure they learn something. She is very organized and tries her hardest to make sure the students are organized as well. Besides the great job she does as a teacher, she is also a great person who cares about what is happening to her students, and the good causes, such as donations or being respectful.”