Austin celebrates holiday season with Live Nativity

Austin celebrates holiday season with Live Nativity

Austin celebrates holiday season with Live Nativity

AUSTIN — The Community of Austin held it’s 23rd Annual Live Nativity on Dec. 12th, 2017.  The community gathered across from the county court house to enjoy a wonderful program in celebration of the season.  This annual program relies on many volunteers from the community, many thanks to the cast:

Mary — Sterling Atlan

Joseph — Ray Duggins

Angel Gabriel — Randy Smith

Inn Keeper — Frank Whitman

Magi 1 — Jim Rabyor

Magi 2 — Jared Wadsworth

Magi 3 — Jesse Wadsworth

Lead Shepherd — Jim Finch

Supporting Shepherd — Valerie Finch

Youth Angeles and Shepherd’s: Amelia Lancaster, Elena Gallegos, Gabriel Gallegos, Skyleigh Skeath, Maddison Moran, Alleiah Garza, Jace Young, Tasi Leddy, Kia Leddy, Isaiah McGowan, Trey Young, Jed and Ada Wadsworth, Kimberly and Matthew Farr

There is a huge behind the scenes effort to make this annual production run smooth and without a hitch, many thanks to those volunteers:

Pageant Coordinator — Pastor Charlie Vaughn

Pageant Choreographer — Patsy Young

Music — Laurel Wadsworth

Duet — Mike Farr and Audrey Farr

Costumes — Kelley Young and many helpers

Lighting — Dennis and Andrea Lowe

Sound — Nanette Gallegos

Props/Set — Ralph Young

Live Stock Support — Jessica Lancaster

Support Help — Flavio Gallegos

Programs — Nanette Gallegos

Publicity — Robyn Veach

Refreshments — The entire community of Austin Nevada

The evening ended with a gathering at the Austin Volunteer Fire Department, where refreshments and cookies were enjoyed by all and it was a chance for friends and family to gather and connect before the holidays.  The evening was capped off by a Turkey Raffle, sponsored by the businesses of Austin!