The good, the bad, and the gropers

The good, the bad, and the gropers

The good, the bad, and the gropers

This phenomenon, or whatever descriptive word you prefer, that's sweeping America now is ages too late in being brought to surface.

I've been around awhile, there are lots of old timers like me, both sexes, that have witnessed or heard about illicit sexual encounters that were laughed at, taken lightly, or swept under the carpet. All to satisfy the male ego, male molesters, bad guys that did bad things to the ladies, and it was accepted as okay at that time.. Now this is putting it lightly. Some encounters were bordering on rape, and they got away with it, one way or another.

Lately the women are coming out of the woodwork, bringing their stories of sexual harassment to light. This should have happened a long time ago.

For way too long, forever it seems, girls and women have been sexually harassed and molested, and the male aggressor has gotten away with it virtually all the time. It had to be rape, or attempted rape, with injury, to be taken seriously. And the men in power who did it, almost never were even charged, much less found guilty.

They thought it was their right, to do whatever they desired to a woman, so she could get or keep a job. That mind-set has been happening for thousands of years, since Old Testament times.

Folks, a man's character is established in the home mainly during the growing up years. Mostly, not always but mostly, parents are the reason their child is honest, honorable, responsible, or not. So if your kid is in jail for rape or robbery, don't go looking for the culprit that made him that way. Go look in the mirror.

When a man does something demeaning to a woman, and its almost always about sex, if he was immediately held responsible for his actions on first offense, that would go a long ways toward stopping sexual crimes.

I remember the first time I was held responsible for harassing a girl. Here is the scenario. I liked this certain girl immensely, and she liked me. A high school basketball game was taking place at Humboldt County High School. (Almost seventy years ago, John Dolan was coach) She was sitting in the bleacher seat, high up. I managed to get on the seat behind her without her knowing. Then I winked at the guys, reached and pulled on her long beautiful hair. (Lady, if you are reading this, please forgive me)

Before I knew what had happened, she turned and slapped the living daylights out of me. My ears were ringing, my eyes were watering, the crowd close by was looking. They had heard the slap, and seemed amused. I was embarrassed to death. Then she started apologizing, and I felt a little better.

But I learned a valuable lesson that night. Don't do anything to a girl that will get you slapped. Also, my mother would have skinned me alive had I ever been disrespectful to a girl and she found it out.

Most of the mind-set that is responsible for the sexual crimes that's happening now in Washington D.C. and Hollywood and the work force all across America was fostered in the home, and allowed by the parents. A huge slap in the face by the offended girl, or a good whipping by a concerned parent, would go a long way to helping make morality right again.

One observation about the accused men in politics who have been exposed (pardon the pun) for their wrong doings toward women. The honest men do not deny the wrongdoings, the liars just keep on lying, denying the truth, calling the women liars.

A liar is a liar is a liar, and I hope they get the maximum punishment for their deeds, and their lies. Here and hereafter.

This is about a President. I'm not going to say which president, because someone would be offended no matter who I chose. So you use the president's name you choose. President : “We've talked enough about me. Now lets talk about you for awhile. What do you think of me?”

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