Parcel map approved for future industrial area

A parcel map change for a new industrial area was approved by the Pershing County Planning Commission last week. The approval allows developer Robert Kennerson to subdivide his 105 acre parcel into four smaller parcels for a possible industrial development south of Lovelock.

The planning commission vote was 4 to 1 with Commissioner Carl Clinger opposed to the parcel map change according to Planning and Building Department Supervisor James Evans. Clinger’s main concern was the availability of potable water for the industrial development, Evans said.

In his parcel map application, Kennerson said drinking water would be available from private wells. A private septic system would provide sewage disposal and NV Energy’s electrical service is now available “within 600 feet of all parcels” according to the application.

Lovelock Valley groundwater is considered unsuitable for drinking and must be treated before it can be used to irrigate crops. A few farmers have groundwater wells but most rely on surface water from the Humboldt River. Municipal water is piped from groundwater wells near Oreana.

Kennerson also appeared before the Pershing County Commission regarding a request for an extension of Hobo Lane using an existing county easement. The extension would provide road access to his four industrial parcels but it would cross other private property, Kennerson said.

“My property is to the east and those four parcels along the freeway,” he said. “We’re going to set up that road in the green area but I discovered the access this property has been using for many years goes across the neighbor’s property. I want to see if we can clean it up and get the road in the right place so we are using legal access instead of going over someone’s property.”

District Attorney Bryce Shields said he’ll work with Kennerson to determine if the right-of-way and easement issues could be resolved by the county to facilitate the development.

Meanwhile, Kennerson described his industrial development plans to the county commission.

“It’s already been split up and we’ve got a couple of billboards on the freeway over there. There’s a couple of existing buildings on parcel 23 and on the one to the south of that,” he said. “We’re going to sell parcel 24. There will be, over time, development happening out there. I wouldn’t say it’s imminent but eventually there will be buildings on those parcels.”

Commissioner Rob McDougal explained that roadways do not always adhere to property lines.

“Historically here in Pershing County, there have been quirky little things like this and over the years somebody started driving a certain track and it became a road,” he said.

In an earlier statement, Kennerson revealed other aspects of his plans for the property. The developer owns Desert Acreage and the Arena Billboard Company. He has sold billboard space in Pershing County to local businesses and plans to build a new housing project in Lovelock.

“The parcel map is intended to split up existing vacant industrial land into smaller parcels. The 105 acres is for sale and most of the inquiries I receive are from potential purchasers who would like a portion of the property instead of all of it,” he said in an email. “I am applying to split the property up to provide what they are seeking. The purchasers will determine their future uses which I expect will be consistent with county code for the industrial zoning district.”