Lake Township Justice Court

Doniese Jorene Allen came to the 11th Judicial Court for a status hearing on Monday. She previously pleaded guilty to the unlawful use of a controlled substance.

Public Defender Steve Cochran represented the defendant. She’ll appear again on May 7, 2018. Judge Jim Shirley congratulated Allen on her progress.

In August 2016, the 11th Judicial Court arraigned Amber Dawn Rhodes on charges of the unlawful use of a controlled substance. She pleaded guilty.

On Monday she returned to court for a status hearing.  Her lawyer, David K. Neidert, participated telephonically. Rhodes has served about one and a half years of her probation, which is not to exceed five years.

Neidert noted that Rhodes completed a treatment program and has consistently tested clean for controlled substances. He may file a motion for early release from probation.


Charles Kenyon Smith came to court for a pretrial conference. He previously pleaded not guilty to charges of possession of a controlled substance for sale, allowing a child to be present and unlawful use of a controlled substance.

Patrick McGinnis represented Smith. The Judge found no fault with McGinnis but appointed a new attorney at the defendant’s request.

The Court scheduled Smith’s trial for May 30 – June 1, 2018.


James Horst Burgman came to court for a status hearing on Monday. He previously pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance. Kyle B Swanson represented the defendant. The Court agreed that Burgman could be drug tested in Reno instead of returning to Pershing County for tests.

In April 2017, the 11th Judicial arraigned Abraham Gonzalez-Esqueda, 29, on charges of trafficking methamphetamine. He entered a not guilty plea. On Monday he changed his plea to guilty. 

Steve Evenson represented the defendant. The Judge sentences Gonzalez-Esqueda on February 5, 2018. The Category B felony carries mandatory prison time of one to six years.


Nicholas Augustas Kastl

The 11th Judicial Court arraigned Nicholas Augustas Kastl on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle and possession of a controlled substance.

Kastl entered a not guilty plea to both charges. The court set a date for trial in March, 2018. He remains in jail.

Charles Handford

The 11th Judicial continued Charles Handford Ferguson’s status hearing until Dec. 18. He faces charges of the unlawful furnishing of a controlled substance.

Jerry Lindsay Bokori

Jerry Lindsay Bokori appeared in court for a probation violation hearing. He admitted to using methamphetamine and tramadol in Oct., 2017. A random drug test on Oct. 6 showed adulteration indicators.

He’ll return to Court for sentencing on Dec. 18. Until then, he remains in the custody of the Pershing County Sheriff’s Office (PCSO).

Curtis Roy Frederickson

The Court arraigned Curtis Roy Frederickson on charges of being an ex-felon in possession of a firearm. He pleaded guilty to the Category B felony.

An Idaho court convicted Frederickson of a felony in April 2007. On Sept. 30 he had a rifle in Imlay, NV, he said.

Frederickson will return to Court for sentencing on Feb. 5, 2018. He remains in custody of the PCSO. 

Joseph Reith Grangruth

Joseph Reith Grangruth appeared in Court for a status hearing. The Judge revoked his probation in October, 2017. Grangruth’s lawyer, Kyle Swanson, has been working with the Grangruth family to find a long-term treatment program for the defendant.

Grangruth is on the waiting list for New Frontier in Reno.

The defendant returns to Court on January 13, 2018. The Judge remanded him to the custody of the PCSO.

Michael Anthony Carroll

Michael Anthony Carroll appeared in Court for a continued sentencing hearing. He previously pleaded guilty to battery with substantial bodily harm. 

Kyle Swanson and the Carroll family have sought placement for the defendant with Indian Health Services (IHS) in Arizona or Utah. But IHS won’t have any funding until at least January, 2018.

Swanson asked the Court to allow the defendant into the New Frontier program and transfer to IHS when funding is available. The defendant remains in the custody of PCSO pending placement.

Carroll returns to Court on February 5, 2018.