Garcia placed back on probation

On Tuesday, Dec. 5, Judge Jim Shirley presided over Eleventh District Court, where he heard the cases of six individuals.

Alondra Lorena Garcia

The first case of the morning involved Alondra Lorena Garcia, who was faced with a probation violation charge. A probation violation report was submitted against Garcia on Nov. 14. Garcia admitted to violating her probation.

“Ms. Garcia had moments of success, and during that time she was placed in the local jail, pregnant for six months, which resulted in a healthy baby girl,” argued defense attorney Todd Plimpton, “She has done almost a year in jail. She has done her time and has served her penance.”

“Alondra (Garcia) has been with us a considerable length of time. She was in drug court for the past several years. As a condition to staying in the drug program, we felt it was important to have her incarcerated so that she could have a clean birth,” stated District Attorney Hy Forgeron, “Alondra has a problem with drinking. On her own, I think she can make it, and I believe that placing her back on probation and subject to the terms she had before might be the appropriate solution to this case.”

Garcia was sentenced to 12-36 months with the Nevada Department of Corrections. Upon receiving payment of the court fees, the sentence will become suspended, and Garcia will be placed on a five-year probation. Judge Shirley decided to continue the sentencing at a later date to give Garcia time to apply for a women and children's program in Douglas County.

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Garcia will remain in custody until she can check into a program. Garcia's sentencing will be continued in two weeks on Dec. 19

Todd Holley

The next case involved Todd Holley for a continued disposition hearing. Holley's case was previously continued in order for him to receive an evaluation by substance abuse counselor Tina Marie Bisiaux. Bisiaux completed the assessment, but the court also needed Holley to find a suitable living situation to be placed on probation.

The drug court will not accept the option Holley proposed for living quarters upon his release. Unless he is able to find a residence that is acceptable, he could face further jail time.

“My recommendation is he enters drug court, because he does need substantial assistance in identifying triggers. His addiction began at the age of eight,” explained Bisiaux to the court.

Holley informed attorney Plimpton that he might be able to live with his brother in the Chukar Hills Trailer park. Parole and Probation will investigate the home to see if the location is suitable. The case was continued for two weeks and will be heard again on Dec. 19.

However, if the house is accepted by the drug court and found to be an adequate living situation by Parole and Probation, Holley could be released immediately before the hearing. Holley will be required to wear narcotic detecting patch on his arm upon his release.

Allen Joshua Wood

Allen Joshua Wood was released on probation. A narcotic detecting patch was placed on Wood and he was admitted into the drug court program.

Ian Norman

Ian Norman pleaded guilty to using false statements and identification to order a credit card with the intent to defraud the card. A sentencing trial was set for Norman on February 6, 2018. Norman was released from the Lander County Jail and will return to his parents' home in Battle Mountain. Norman also has a bed reserved for him at the New Frontier drug program, as soon as one becomes available.

Francisco Castaneda

Francisco Castaneda pleaded guilty to possession of a rifle after previously being convicted of a felony. Castaneda was charged with a felony after being convicted of the battery of a police officer in 2009. Shirley scheduled Castaneda’s sentencing hearing for February 6, 2018.