HCSD Angel Tree project

HCSD Angel Tree project

HCSD Angel Tree project

The “Angel Tree Project” is a Christmas tree with tags placed upon it, with gift needs for families with in our community. The students with in Humboldt County School District (HCSD) who have needs and wants for Christmas, but their families maybe struggling for many different reason are the ones that benefit most from this program.

The Lowry High School 2016-2017 Junior Class Officers Sylvie Prokasky (President), Victor Rosas (V.P.) and Mardi Johnson (Secretary) came up with the idea of an “Angel Tree” for Christmas to help out families in need of a special Christmas. With the cooperation of Alicia Prokasky and the Lowry High School Counselors, Todd Milton and Dana Peters, the officers were able to collect over 75 gifts for families during the 2016 Holiday Season.

As the 2016 Holiday season came to a close, it was overwhelming how well the project went. Everyone involved was extremely grateful for the generosity of Humboldt County School District Employees who came to LHS and purchased gifts for the families.

As the school year came to a close, the 2016-17 class officers were asked by their Advisor, Alexis Mattson, if the Junior Class could carry on the “Angel Tree Project” idea so we could continue to help those in need during the Holiday Season, Sylvie, Victor and Mardi with the kindest of hearts, all agreed to allow the Junior class to continue this project.

This years’ 2017-18 Junior Class Officers Erin Acosta (Jr. Class President), Hannah Havens (Jr. Class V.P.) and Celest Castellanos (Jr. Class Secretary) are doing a great job. The junior class advisor has sent out e-mails to all the Humboldt County School District Employees to help find those families in need and within just a week we have received and placed over 20 tags on the tree for families and students in need of items for Christmas. We are expecting many more tags to be made up and placed on the tree in the days to come. The deadline for those tags to be placed on the tree for families will be December 5th, 2017. That should give everyone enough time to purchase items and get them back LHS by Friday, December 8th, 2017 which is the deadline for gifts.

We are encouraging those that want to help to purchase items to please stop by LHS main office corridor and grab a tag. The items need to be returned UN-wrapped and WITH the tag, by Friday, December 8th, 2017, so we have time to wrap gifts and get them to the appropriate school before Winter Break starting December 18th, 2017.

If you have any questions about this program, please contact Alexis Mattson at Lowry High School via e-mail amaga-mattson@hcsdnv.com or phone 75-623-8130 during school hours.

The Junior Class past and present would like to thank everyone in advance for their help and generosity.