Reno developer applies for parcel map change

A new industrial area could be in the works for Pershing County. Developer Robert Kennerson of Reno has requested permission from the county to divide his private parcel of land already zoned industrial into four smaller parcels for future development of an industrial park south of Lovelock.

This week, the Pershing County Planning Commission will review the parcel map change application and consider the county planning and building staff’s recommendation to approve the new parcel map that was prepared for Kennerson by Desert Mountain Surveying of Winnemucca.

The parcel in question is about two miles south of Lovelock and just north and west of the I-80 freeway corridor. Kennerson owns the 105.27 acre parcel and would like to divide it into four parcels of about 41.35 acres, 37.83 acres, 18 acres and 8.09 acres, according to the application.

“Applicant proposes to divide property into 4 lots that will be used for industrial purposes allowed under the industrial zoning ordinance,” states Kennerson in the parcel map application.

Drinking water would be supplied by private wells, private septic systems would provide sewage disposal and NV Energy electrical service “is currently provided to the area within 600 feet of all parcels” according to Kennerson’s application.

Earlier this year, Kennerson announced his plan to build a group of duplexes on the vacant land he owns in Lovelock near the Pershing General Hospital. Quality housing is in short supply in the city so Kennerson’s project was good news for the community.

Kennerson owns Desert Acreage and Arena Outdoor Advertising. He has built billboards in Pershing County and owns 22 “static faces” along the I-80 freeway corridor. Kennerson has convinced a few local business owners that outdoor advertising could draw more customers.

The developer could not be reached for comment this week on his proposed industrial park but Kennerson revealed a little about himself and his approach to rural business owners in an interview with Billboard Insider. He was asked to describe the billboard market in Nevada.

“It’s challenging but rewarding. The towns are very small, there are many miles between towns and there are alot of billboards,” he said. “Developing strong local relationships goes a long way to renting (billboard) faces. Watching clients develop successful businesses through the use of outdoor advertising is very satisfying.”

On his Desert Acreage website, the land wholesaler lists residential properties and industrial land for sale in rural Nevada communities including Lovelock, Winnemucca, Fernley and Golconda.

Kennerson’s parcel map application will be considered during a public hearing at this week’s planning commission meeting on Wednesday, December 6 at 5:30 p.m. at Lovelock City Hall.