PCHS JV hosts basketball tourney

PCHS JV hosts basketball tourney

PCHS JV hosts basketball tourney

The Pershing County JV basketball tournament tipped off a new season on Friday and Saturday.

Pershing County hosted teams from Dayton, Coral Academy, Silver Stage, White Pine, Lowry, Battle Mountain and Yerington.

Steve Cerini coaches the Lovelock boys: Juan Jimenez, Augustine Lopez, Saul Valtierra, Raul Rincon, Sebastien Donaldson, Jordan Gentry, Tim Fecht, Dalton McNeff, JC Astel, Samuel Bokori, Sam Gonzalez and Aiden Osborn.

“Our new kids are learning on the fly,” said Cerini. “For the most part, we have an inexperienced team so we’ll continue to work on fundamental skills.”

Alex Graham coaches the girls: Lupe Parades, Dara Moura, Leeann McNeff, Alyssa Montes, Bianca Ayala, Senicka Happy, Hannah Stairwalt, Pati Carapia, Kate Rosas and Connie Kersnowski.

“The girls did very well this weekend,” said Graham. “We asked them to play hard, not get outworked and apply the fundamentals. And that’s what they did.”

This weekend the Pershing County JV teams travel to Battle Mountain for their second preseason tournament.

After preseason, the JV boys and girls team up with the varsity squad.

Lovelock starts its regular season at home on Tuesday, Dec. 12. Pershing hosts Incline for the league game.

The JV girls tip off at 3 p.m. and JV boys follow at 4:30 p.m.