Commission approves agreement with JUB

The Lander County Commission approved an agreement for services between the county and Johnson Underkofler and Briggs (JUB) Engineering. The contracts will help jump-start projects at the Battle Mountain and Austin airports.

On Thursday, Nov. 30, JUB representative Tom Lemenanger, sat down before the county commissioners with three possible agreements for professional services.

The commission approved all three airport agreements with JUB Engineering. The first agreement outlines hangar facility design, bidding and construction administration in an amount not to exceed $56,918.07 for Battle Mountain Airport. The second outlines services for the Austin Municipal Airport Jet-A Fueling facility not to exceed $76,430 and the third outlines services for a Battle Mountain Airport self-service fueling facility not to exceed $83,210.

“The design would include a steel frame, metal building system placed on the space available. This type of construct is the up-and-coming way of building airport hangars currently,” explained Lemenanger after handing out maps to the commissioners. “There are two parts to all three of these packages: there is the design side, then there is the bidding and construction side. In all three, the bidding and construct is the worst case scenario and based on estimates. If we do not have to use all the money, then the excess will not get invoiced.”

Lemenanger mentioned that JUB would be required to do an environmental assessment survey through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). “We have to do an environmental clearance on anything involving an airport, and [it] costs us $3,300 to complete,” noted Lemenanger

In Austin, the Jet-A Fueling facility is the second part of the construction done to the fueling facility completed last year. A similar project is for the self service fueling facility in Battle Mountain. All three projects are planned to go out for bidding individually.

“We hoped to have the contracts ready by February. This is a local job, so we can have it open for bid as long as we want, but the FAA typically likes to see the contracts out for bid for at least a month. All I can tell you is we are going to march as fast as we can to get them done,” Lemenanger said to the commissioners. After the presentation, the board of commissioners voted to approve all three agreements unanimously.