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City council sees possible designs for new aquatics center

With 386 surveys collected from the public and multiple focus group sessions held, Knit Studios put together possible designs for a new aquatics center in the City of Winnemucca and presented them to the Winnemucca City Council at their most recent meeting on Nov. 21 (with Mayor Rich Stone, Councilman Mike Owens, and City Attorney Kent Maher absent from the meeting).

Council approves ordinance enhancing penalty for illegal discharge of weapons within city limits

An ordinance approved by the Winnemucca City Council at their regular meeting on Oct. 10, with all members present, will help enhance the charge for illegally discharging a weapon within City limits from a misdemeanor to a felony.

City considers ordinance to help make any discharging of a weapon within city limits a felony

As it stands in the City of Winnemucca, discharging a firearm into an unoccupied or unpopulated space, like a car or open lot, is a misdemeanor but firing a weapon into an occupied or populated space, like a home or business, is a felony.

City approves contribution to long-range shooting bays at shooting park

Long before hunting season starts, outdoorsmen from all over northern Nevada utilize the Humboldt County Shooting Park to sight-in their weapons and practice with targets. Others use the pistol bays for practice and sport, and now, with a recent decision by local officials, long-range bays will be added to the park's offerings.

Sheriff’s office upgrading safety measures at detention center with body scanner

When individuals are arrested and brought to the Humboldt County Detention Center they are thoroughly searched as a part of booking measures. Deputies have been known to find many different things on all types of persons, illegal or not, and this often poses safety risks to deputies and inmates.

City of Winnemucca approves replacement of lights at skate park

City officials have been discussing the replacement of the lighting at the local skatepark for many months and at their most recent regular meeting on July 11, the Winnemucca City Council approved a proposal for new lights and fencing around the electrical panel in a unanimous vote.

City Council confirms appointments to Airport Board

At their regular meeting on June 20, the Winnemucca city Council approved the appointment of Hal Phillips and the reappointment of Wayne Johnson to the Winnemucca Municipal Airport Board. Councilman Mike Owens was absent from the meeting.

City approves bid for major sewer and water project, construction set to begin soon

As soon as this week a significant sewer and water project could begin, according to city officials. If it does, it will cause some impacts to local traffic.


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