Jeanne Marie Moritz

February 6, 1948 - December 24, 2023

In Loving Memory of Jeanne Marie Moritz
February 6, 1948 - December 24, 2023

Jeanne Marie Moritz, a beacon of love and selflessness, departed this world on December 24, 2023, leaving behind a lasting mark on the lives she touched.
Born as Jean Marie Hemmelgarn in Perham, Minnesota, on February 6, 1948, she embraced life with a passion that was as radiant as her heart.
Jeanne’s formative years were a testament to her vibrant spirit. Growing up in Perham, she forged enduring friendships and dedicated herself to school while making lifelong friends easily with her friendly nature and authentic kindness.
Her dedication to education led her to Moorehead State and eventually Mankato State University, where she earned her degree in education, a field that would become her lifelong calling.
Her journey as an educator spanned 33 years, influencing countless lives in Minnesota, Colorado, and Nevada.
Jeanne’s impact was immeasurable; her students penned heartfelt letters and essays attesting to the profound difference she made in their lives.
Her dedication and passion to teaching was one of the greatest joys in her life.

Unlike many who long for retirement, she was crushed when she had to leave the profession earlier than expected due to health issues.
She continued to help when needed and enjoyed visiting the schools whenever she could.
Family was at the core of Jeanne’s life.
She shared an unwavering love with her husband, Jerry Moritz, whom she met through a cherished friend.
Their love for each other was easy and comfortable. They lived in North Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, and settled in Nevada. At each location they created lifelong bonds with those they met.
Throughout her life, she and Jerry visited, traveled, and enjoyed time with their dear friends from Minnesota and Colorado.
The authentic friendships she developed throughout her life is a true testament to the amazing woman she was.
Together, they were blessed with two children, Benjamin and Sara Beth. As a mother, she not only cared for her children, but many of their friends who were fixtures in her home.
An endless supply of her famous chocolate chip cookies and her easygoing personality made her house a favorite place to hang out. She was truly a mother to many.
Her role as a grandmother brought immeasurable joy, and she cherished every moment spent with Benjamin Enos, Nora Jean Enos, and Téa Moritz.
She dedicated many hours caring for them beginning as babies and into adulthood, allowing her fortunate children to travel and enjoy time away, knowing their children were being taken care of by the best mother and grandmother around.
Her grandchildren nicknamed her “Boo Grandma” and “Grandma Dutch”, both names she adored.
Jeanne was a true embodiment of selflessness.
Her days were defined by acts of kindness — cooking, volunteering, cleaning, and caring for others — she did it all with faithful devotion.
Her genuine love for others shone brightly, leaving an unforgettable impact on everyone she encountered.
She had wonderful times with her friends playing cards, betting on football, participating in elaborate pranks, and volunteering for various organizations in the community.
The true friendships and special bonds she made were remarkable. Her friendships were filled with love, laughter, and genuine admiration and respect for each other.
Her love for life extended to cherished trips to Cabo, Minnesota, and Colorado, and Europe creating lasting memories that will be treasured.
Jeanne’s laughter, wit, and humor filled moments spent with her, and she leaves an irreplaceable void with her passing.
Though she has departed from this world, Jeanne Moritz will forever reside in the hearts of those who knew and loved her. Her legacy of selflessness, joy, and unwavering love will continue to inspire and guide us through the days ahead.
Jeanne, you are dearly missed. Your spirit will continue to guide us as we strive to emulate the compassion and warmth you brought into our lives.
Godspeed, dear mother, grandmother, wife, and friend. We love you.
In lieu of flowers, please consider donating in her memory to the Boys and Girls Club in Winnemucca, Nevada.
Her celebration of life will be held there on Saturday, January 13th at 2pm.