Stephanie Ann Schroeder

April 14, 1963 - April 22, 2023

Beloved mother, beloved daughter, beloved aunt, beloved friend. Odds are that if you are reading this, you knew Stephanie.
She was a loquacious firecracker who never met a stranger. Stephanie never met a person she wouldn’t call a friend. And for better or for worse she never told a short story or heard of a quick conversation.
Stephanie, born April 14, 1963, and raised in Winnemucca, Nevada. Daughter of Charley and Frances Amos.
She was a star athlete at Lowry High School during her formative years.
While growing up in Winnemucca, she also met the love of her life and future husband, Pat Schroeder.
From the moment they met, Stephanie had Pat wrapped around her finger. Until her last day, Pat’s adoration and love for her never wavered.
Together, Pat and Stephanie left Winnemucca to start their life together in Reno, Nevada.
Upon buying their first home, a home that they couldn’t fathom ever leaving even after thirty years, they brought their first child to this world.
The eldest, Tommy Schroeder, was soon followed by the middle child, Zach Schroeder (or as Stephanie referred to him “Louie”). A few years later, Austin Schroeder (also known as “Mossimo” to Stephanie) joined the fray. Poor Stephanie had the responsibility of raising three little hellions.
There were broken family heirlooms, shattered grandfather clocks, stained carpets, holes in walls, and many more damaged goods as a result of raising three boys.
Lucky for Stephanie, she also had the wonderful opportunity of helping raise her three nephews, Nic, Chase (frequently called “Chester” by Stephanie), and Skyler Schroeder (lovingly referred to as “Shorty” by Stephanie).
Together, Stephanie’s six boys played together, raised hell together, and most importantly grew together under her loving guidance. In other words, poor Stephanie was in for a world of hurt taking care of 6 boys.
This didn’t stop Stephanie from attending all of her boys sporting and school events. She supported them with a deep, and as many little league umpires may remember, vocal passion.
This support and love helped raise 6 boys. Stephanie was very proud of her boys. Unfortunately, she lost Zachary on January 22, 2011.
Zach was an exceptional athlete, bright young mind (who would routinely trick his father into doing his homework for him), and most importantly, a unique person unlike any other. This loss stung the family, and Stephanie deeply.
Despite this loss, Stephanie was able to see her sons and nephews grow. She routinely informed her sons and nephews how proud she was of them. And rightfully so.
Stephanie was able to visit her children along their respective journeys, spending time in San Francisco and San Diego while making new memories.
Stephanie continued to stay in touch with dear childhood friends through social media. In fact, she even made new friends despite never meeting in-person.
She was still a fierce supporter of Lowry athletics and loved keeping up with her Buckaroos in the Humboldt Sun.
We are heartbroken to announce that Stephanie passed away peacefully in her sleep on April 22, 2023.
Stephanie had just celebrated her 60th birthday the week before. While her loss is utterly devastating for her friends and family, we know Stephanie loved each and every person reading this message and taking the time to share their condolences.
While every loss is unbearable, there is a beauty in Stephanie’s final years.
Even after first meeting in their high school days, and falling in love, buying a house, raising 6 boys, and growing old together, Stephanie and Pat were still madly in love until her final days.
Each night, after Pat would return home from work and the gym, he would sit down with Stephanie, eat dinner, talk about their days, and watch terrible criminal procedure television shows.
They loved every second of it. Until her final days you could hear Stephanie and Pat in the living room of their first home they bought together over 30 years ago reminiscing about their younger days, or trying to explain to each other the plot of the obviously complex show they were enjoying together.
During those nights, you could hear them howling with laughter. Most importantly, you could hear the love they had for each other. The love never faded.
Our love will never fade for you, Stephanie. We love you, Mom.
Pat, Tommy, Zach, Austin
Papa and Mom