County and city save tax dollars with cost-share agreement

Cost-share agreements are an effective way in which to divide costs between different entities in order to conserve time, money and resources. 

The Humboldt County Board of Commissioners and the City Council  recently met at their special joint meeting on June 6 at City Hall, to discuss and approve their cost-share agreement with all City Council members present and Ken Tipton absent from the Board of Commissioners. 

The County and City are able to divide the costs for many of the services that are available to the public.

The City maintains airport operations, cemetery services, parks, the Municipal Golf Course, public pools, recreation areas, insect control, and animal control, with the county responsible for 50-25 percent of the cost of each service. 

The County functions include maintaining a building inspector, planning services, dispatch, and economic development services with the City sharing 50-25 percent of the costs. 

The agreement passed unanimously in both parties with the City agreeing to their share owned to the County in the amount of $136,306 and the County’s share to the City at $531,965. 

“The cost-share agreement is beneficial to both parties because it allows us to share services which results in savings to the taxpayers,” said City Manager Alicia Heiser. 

The Commissioners held their regular meeting at City Hall directly after the joint meeting at which the commissioners:

• Allowed for public comment and approved the minutes from the previous meeting.

• Approved expenditures for Humboldt County for May 16 through June 6

• Voted unanimously to terminate the declaration of an emergency due to covid-19 for Humboldt County. 

• Received a financial report from Comptroller, Gina Rackley, for the fiscal year 2022. 

• Heard a presentation by Public Works Director, Don Kalkoske, about the capital purchase of solar-powered flashing pedestrian crossing signs for the cross walk on Bridge Street, which was unanimously approved. 

• Partook in a closed session, which Pursuant to NRS 288.220 “(1), any negotiation or informal discussion between a local government employer and an employee organization or employees as individuals, whether conducted by the governing body or through a representative or representatives and/ or NRS 288.220 (4) any meeting of the governing body of a local government employer with its management representative or representatives”. 

• Approved the successor collective bargaining agreement with Humboldt County Employees’ Association by Abel del Real-Nava, Assistant County Manager/Human resources Director. 

• Approved the successor collective bargaining agreement with the Humboldt County Law Enforcement Association also by Real-Nava. 

• Approved the resolution to transfer the 2022 private activity bond volume cap to Nevada Rural Housing Authority (NRHA), presented by  Katie Coleman, Communications Director for NRHA. 

• Approved the request to waive the improvement standards for parcel map PH-22-28 by Desert Mountain Surveying on behalf of Chris and Sonja Mitchell. 

• Received an update from Director Kalkoske about the road projects within Humboldt County. 

• Held a public meeting portion where the motion to approve a zone change request North of E. Winnemucca Blvd. by the  Regional Planning Commission on behalf of the D J Nicholson & K L Brightman to rezone property from C (Commercial) zoning district to CH (Highway Commercial), which was approved. 

• Approved the service agreement with Kofile Technologies to help preserve materials at the Humboldt County Recorder’s Office. 

• Approved the acceptance of the State Emergency Response Commission Grant by Sheriff Mike Allen. 

• Approved the request by Sheriff Allen to convene the Humboldt County Liquor Board to approve a Special Liquor License on behalf of Back Burner Smoke Haus for July 3rd for the McDermitt Community Center Dance, which was approved and the license granted. 

• Approved the agreement for electric service by the Technology Services Department for Harney Electric to provide electric power to the Eagle Creek Communication Site. 

• Approved a professional service agreement amendment between Humboldt County and Andy Rieber for consulting services with respect to Wild Horse and Burro Management, Natural Resources, Desert Land Entries, Land Use Planning and Land Use Plan Amendments, the Federal Land Policy and Management Act, Sagebrush Focal Areas, and other public lands issues.   

• Approved the execution of Amendment No. 2 to the One Nevada Agreement on

Allocation of Opioid Recoveries settlement payout. 

• Approved the request to waive the attrition policy to hire for the Winnemucca Convention Center and Visitors Authority Marketing and Sales Coordinator position. 

• Tabled the request to waive the attrition policy for the Chief Building Engineer position within Buildings and Grounds.