Union Township Justice Court

Items in the Court Docket are compiled from public records contained in the Union Township Justice Court and the Sixth Judicial District Court. The Humboldt Sun reports all felony hearings, misdemeanor convictions and dismissals for which the court releases information.  

Jan. 18

Jason Garrett Looper pleaded no contest to (1) driving without a valid driver’s license, (2) no proof of insurance, and (3) operating an unregistered vehicle. The court accepted the plea and ruled: (1)  $100 + $95 AA; (2)  $600 + $140 AA; (3) $100 + $95 AA for a total of $1,130. Defendant was given a credit of $900 for the six days jail time served leaving a remaining balance of $230. The court suspended the remaining. 

Jan. 12

The charge of first offense domestic battery against Angel Hernandez Jr. was dismissed by the county as they had witness issues.

In the case of Deniesha Chena Thomas, charged with basic speeding violations, 11-20 over posted limit and license violation – interlock ignition device required, the county amended the citation to 1-10 over limit with a total fine of $195 and dismissed count two. Defendantwill pay fine within 30 days. 

In the case of Roman Velez Alexis, charged with failure to maintain travel lane, the county dismissed the citation. 

Jan 18

Joseph B. Lohner II was charged with basic speeding violation 1-10 mph over posted limit, and operate unregistered vehicle or semi trailer. For speed, the DA fined $115 to be paid by Deb. 18. Charge two was dismissed after current registration was provided. 

In the case of Alex Herrera, charged with reckless driving: DDA Mark Shockley stated one time dismissal without prejudice on the condition the restitution is paid on or before Feb. 18 at 5 p.m. The DDA would re-file if not paid. The court dismissed the charge of reckless driving as stated on the conditions as stated. 

The charge of tinting of windshield or windows of a vehicle against Ismael Gomez-Rocha was dismissed due to compliance. 

Artak Kharatyan was given 90 days to pay the fine amount of $415 for basic speed, 21-30 over posted limit. 

The charge against Tanner Shearer for driving while suspended/revoked was dismissed. 

The charge of driving with a suspended driver’s license against Keith Richard Richardson was dismissed when defendant provided proof of a valid license.