Baby, baby, baby what you gonna do?

How’re you gonna manage in 2022?

We danced and we partied with everyone we knew

But we’ll have to pay the piper in 2022

I’m sad and I’m broke, downhearted and blue

It’s bound to be the end of me in 2022

We trusted our media, government and crew

But they’ll never kick the can through 2022

Troubles are many and hopeful signs are few

I’ll see you in the soup line in 2022

We blew all our money and future generation’s too

Now it’s poverty and destitution in 2022

All the world’s crazy except for me and you

But friend, you’re on your own in 2022

The party ran forever the whole decade through

But we’re bound to hit the wall in 2022

I bid goodbye to Sally, Cynthia and Sue

I’m destined for loneliness in 2022

I was kneeling in the church, praying in the pew

But the preacher said they’re closing in 2022

I’m all out of veggies, cornbread and stew

I’ll sure be losing weight in 2022

They’ll have to find solutions, think of something new

To keep our ship from sinking in 2022

Runaway inflation and war drums beating too

Our backs are to the wall in 2022

Better days are coming, peace and plenty too

But friend, they’re not scheduled for 2022

It’s written in many places, you’ll reap what you sew

And this will be so fitting in 2022

It’s got me so upset, I think I’ll have a brew

I wish I could just hibernate through 2022

Some say covid hysteria is nothing but a flu

Or just the start of our troubles in 2022

Lockdowns, mandates, quarantine for me and you

Our world becomes a gulag in 2022

We could have prevented this, sad but it’s true

And karma will come knocking in 2022

My first name is Dan, my middle name is Hugh

Spare change for me old pal in 2022?

It happened in the past and again it’s overdue

Hard times and desperation in 2022

I hate to bring bad news, my dark and dreary view

I hope I’m off my rocker about 2022

So ring a ring o rosey and cock a doodle do

These here are my predictions for 2022

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