Hard Work Pays Off

Hard Work Pays Off

Hard Work Pays Off

“Are we there yet?” or “How much further?” are common questions we hear at Nevada Outdoor School, when we have campers out on the trail exerting themselves.  

The amazing thing is that whether the trail is half a mile or six miles, the whining still happens.  All the whining miraculously is silenced when the destination is reached, replaced with “oohs” and “ahhs”.  The joy of discovery and an effort well done and accomplished quickly overwhelms and erases any need for additional whining.

 This past week, our Lake Tahoe Excursion took 11 kiddos, ages 11 - 13 to Lake Tahoe.  Here they experienced the amazing natural beauty of Lake Tahoe while learning how to apply the seven Leave No Trace principles in their recreational world.  Other new skills were learned too, like kayaking for some and cooking meals on a camp stove for others.

There was also the experience of having a bear in camp – now that is a memory that will last a lifetime! 

At Nevada Outdoor School we embrace the challenges that naturally come with outdoor education and experiences.  There is a reason why outdoor adventurists are viewed by others with googly eyes, it takes hard work to do life outside the comforts of controlled environments and creature comforts.  

This is why the first Leave No Trace principle is so important, as it sets the stage for everything else that comes next.  

Plan Ahead and Be Prepared is critical to both comfort, safety, and survival when learning and playing outdoors.

In the name of comfort, safety, and survival, Nevada Outdoor School does the hard work daily to Plan Ahead and Be Prepared for our staff and participants. 

When our vehicles roll-out to hour-long outdoor skill workshops or week-long overnight camps, we have prepared contingency plans, emergency action plans, meal plans, activity plans, communication plans, and so many more plans.  It seems there is no limit to planning and preparation!  

This hard work, the planning and preparing, is what helps Nevada Outdoor School to be a safe and reliable organization.  But it goes beyond the first principle. 

There are six others that provide a framework from which responsible outdoor education and recreation is based on.  

In addition to the local awareness of our boots-on-the-ground awesomeness, Nevada Outdoor School is also recognized by the international Leave No Trace organization by being one of nine Leave No Trace Youth Accredited Programs.  Nevada Outdoor School utilizes the accreditation process as one method of program evaluation, to ensure that each year high-quality programs are offered to our community. 

The accreditation program evaluates 11 elements of our programming ranging from land use to communication to stakeholders to creative elements. 

 It is hard work to submit the application, but worth it as it makes Nevada Outdoor School a stronger provider of quality outdoor programming. 

Interested in being part of the Nevada Outdoor School community and learning more about Leave No Trace?  Visit nevadaoutdoorschool.org for our latest events.  

While Nevada Outdoor School is a ‘youth accredited program’, do not let that title fool you, kids 0 - 99+ are served through Nevada Outdoor School programs.   

Get outside, it is good for humans everywhere!