A late summer scrimmage

A late summer scrimmage

A late summer scrimmage

Last Saturday morning Lovelock hosted a football scrimmage. The Quincy Trojans came from Plumas County, Calif. 

Their varsity played Pershing County's varsity. Meanwhile, Quincy JV played Pershing JV and Lowry Frosh. 

"The scrimmage was great," Mike Brooks said. "We had a great time and are proud of the effort our kids gave."

Spectators wished for football weather. Some huddled under beach umbrellas or found shady spots to watch the action from the back of their pickup trucks. 

On the field, the boys tried out their blocking schemes and various defenses. 

They were in constant motion, running, tackling and throwing the ball.

A group of volleyball players stopped by during a lull in their preseason tournament. Soon, the football players will show up at soccer and volleyball games. But first, they brushed up on their conditioning and football skills.

"We saw a huge improvement from last week and are excited to finally play a game this weekend," Brooks said.

On Friday, Aug. 26, the team travels to Portola. 

The Tigers played their first game of the year last Friday at Wooster High School. They beat CASR 51-14.

On Friday, Sept. 2, the Mustangs go to Dayton. They open league play at home on Friday, Sept. 9 against Incline