Imaginary money

Imaginary money

Imaginary money

Millions, billions and today, trillions of US dollars are being created out of thin air and we’re almost to the point of these newly printed units being tossed out of helicopters over major cities into the hands of the broad general public. 

Hey, hey, it’s unlimited endless wealth. No worries, no cares and there’s no end to it. It keeps coming and we’re all getting rich!

But is it really “money” if we can create unlimited quantities of it? And if everyone spends it and nobody works anymore, then who is going to produce the goods and services we need and depend on? Who is going to keep the ship afloat and provide for our future?

I recently read an unbelievable statistic. Some forty percent of US dollars in existence have been created within the past eighteen months! Can you find a better example of Hyperinflation!

I just mentioned the term: dollars in existence. But do these dollars really in fact exist? Are they real and tangible? Well sorry to say, dear reader, but I’m afraid they are not. 

Sure, your bank statement may show they are real and exist as credit on your account. But just try to walk into your local branch and ask for a million dollars in crisp one dollar notes. 

They ain’t got them. You can’t have them. They just don’t exist in the real world. 

So, it appears to me that we’re living in a fantasy land of plenty. 

Money was real when I was a young fellow. I knew it was authentic and had value when I could hear the jingle of real silver and copper coins in my pocket. And I could trade this treasure of mine at the store for valuable commodities such as ice cream, candy and comic books. 

So if the vast majority of the populus still believes that the US dollar is real, exists, is sound and will retain its value into the future - Does this make it so? Well, I suppose it does — For now. 

But just like Wily Coyote when he walks out off the cliff and remains suspended in mid air until he looks down; maybe we’ll all be okay if none of us looks down!

It’s an unforgivable blasphemy of our current monetary system to even vaguely consider there may be a chasm down below, right under our feet. And the only temporary force suspending us and defying gravity is our complete denial of this physical reality. 

But denial will not suspend us for long. There are consequences for our naivety and foolishness. There is a limit to monetary expansion. Our high flying markets and tech stocks can not continue to advance into the infinity of multi trillions of dollars for ever and ever. 

Also, government, insurance companies and medical authorities can not shield us from all the ills of the world, regardless of how they claim to be doing so. 

The guarantees of safety, security and protection by our authorities are beginning to grow hollow and suspect. This is especially so as their promises, rules and dictates modify and change from week to week and day to day.

There is a vast difference (chasm) between being a free, independent, sovereign citizen to that of being a humble, masked, socially distanced and compliant subject. 

Rights, sovereignty, justice, liberty and freedom, as well as honor and integrity; I won’t be at all surprised if these words will soon be stricken from our vocabularies and dictionaries. They are considered antiquated and out of place in our new “woke” world. This will be like the statues being torn down, our history being rewritten and our children’s education being totally revamped.

How did we ever get to such a low point in history?

To speak or write of such things in today’s society, one is apt to fear of anger, disapproval, reprisal and derogatory labeling. There is no room for dissent and disagreement with our new Socialist Authority.

Such is the world we are sinking into. And, sadly, it’s a world of our own creation being that we silently bow our heads and accept it. 

Well I started out with dollars and cents and how fictitious and worthless our money has become. But to make it in a harsh future,as I envision it may be, you will need some form of hard currency or means of exchange. Your personal wealth, knowledge and and wherewithal will greatly help to ensure your future survival. 

At this point in time you can still convert your imaginary money credit into real and valuable means of survival. Merchants still accept it at face value. Items such as water, canned goods, shelter and means of transport come to mind. 

And you can still purchase a unique form of exchange to preserve your wealth for the future. It’s been used successfully for the past thousands of years as such; gold and silver coins. 

In my travels, the next time I reach the coast and visit the beach, I’ll collect a bunch of pretty seashells. Who knows but they may someday become a currency again. 

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