It was about a month or two back that a friend asked my opinion on what the upcoming weather was likely to be. I right away told her it was going to rain for forty days and forty nights. 

On looking back at it now I’m afraid I should have been more careful with my jokes. 

On again, off again, it’s rained here nearly every day for weeks. Then, just all of a sudden, summer happened. What a surprising springtime weather for the desert. 

The rain, mud and slop hampered one of my regular routines. I’ve been the official dog walker on my block for the past few months. 

Heat, cold, rain or snow; those little critters can’t hardly wait for their morning romp through the neighborhood. No excuses accepted about harsh weather conditions. “I’m ready to go now. What are we waiting for? Lets go. Lets go!”.

It seems all you have to do is feed or walk a dog once, then he expects it every day. But the upside is you have a friend forever.

Whatever kindness and affection you show to the four legged furry mutt comes echoing right back multiplied many times over. 

Love unconditional, loyalty and faithfulness, even if you teat him mean. But how could you?

One of the things I’ve been looking at recently is how unique, different, separate and individual each one of us humans is. 

So they assign us twenty years of school to program, condition, train and align us into the matrix. 

There are laws, expectations, rules of conduct and acceptable behavior we are expected to comply with. After all those years of preparation the end products rolling off the line should be stamped and approved identical units ready to fit in and function in our society. 

However, it appears to be an uphill battle. The process has yet to be perfected. The “units” are too unique and individual. 

What amazes me is how we manage to somehow get along in spite of it all. The multitude of diverse races, cultures, religions, politics and opposing forces makes it a very difficult playing field. Our planet seems to be made up of opposite factions. So many energies flowing but seemingly pitted against each other. 

My interest and wellbeing may conflict with yours. Still we can attempt to cooperate. 

We may be opponents in sports, business, finance, political view or pecking order of society. Yet if we meet face to face, share our views, experiences and concerns, we may well resolve many issues. We might even like and understand each other to some degree. 

So as I see it, with all our differences and unique characteristics, there appears to be one common thread between us. When this thread is grasped and pulled, even slightly, something like a universal solvent appears. Then all our animosity and conflicts are likely to reduce and fall away. 

Well down through the years partially all songs, movies and novels have gone on about it. That’s love of course. It’s supposed to make the world go round (as the line goes). And I think they have a good point.

How can you dislike or be angry with a beautiful smiling baby or a cute playful puppy?

Sure it’s only love, simple and pure. But laws, guns and armies are no match for it. 

So dear reader, if we figure, as many do, that God is love and that man was made in the image of God, well what, if I may ask, does this make us?

There must be a divine quality in the substance of which we speak

All this has become more real to me of late during morning walks in the desert with my dog Woffie. 

By the way - How do you spell dog backwards?

Dan O’Connor can be reached at danhughoconnor@gmail.com