Greenhand Leadership Conference

Greenhand Leadership Conference

Greenhand Leadership Conference

On September 20, 14 members of the Battle Mountain FFA Chapter attended the 2017 Greenhand Leadership Conference (GLC). The Greenhand Conference is a conference that is specifically designed for new members of FFA so that they can  learn about Nevada FFA opportunities, Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE) and the agricultural opportunities available in Nevada.  

Masen Schacht said, “I learned the importance of agriculture in Nevada and I am excited to be a part of FFA.”  

 This year new members of FFA did leadership and team building activities such as: “Travel” and “Concentration.” 

Travel was an activity that involved three volunteers and some PVC pipe. Two people would hold the PVC pipe next to their hips as best as they could, and the other person would have to walk across it without falling. This activity helped build a team because everyone knew that if one person messed up, then everybody failed. 

Johnny Laughon said, “People celebrated a lot.  The conference was fun and upbeat.”  

Concentration was an activity that challenged the volunteers' brains by making them think fast. In this activity, somebody says a subject if they’re “tagged” after the chant “This is the game of concentration, no repeats or hesitation.” If they hesitated before naming something related to the subject, they were out of the game. Concentration helps with Leadership skills, as a leader might have to think fast at times and make quick decisions.  

Nicole Fisher said that it was a “great experience [she] and can’t wait to do more.” Nicole also received the Greenhand Leadership Conference Oscar Award for her enthusiasm, participation, and group leadership ability.