Animal shelter deals with kennel cough

An outbreak of kennel cough, an illness common to animal shelters, boarding facilities and dog parks arose at the City-County Animal Shelter in Winnemucca at the end of November. The outbreak has been dealt with.

Kennel cough is a contagious viral respiratory infection that causes a telltale “honking” cough. Other symptoms include lethargy, lack of appetite, runny nose, sneezing and low fever. Dogs, cats and other animals can contract kennel cough.

According to Animal Control Officer Lesley Bravo, the shelter started treating the dogs showing symptoms of kennel cough on Nov. 22.

The sick dogs were separated from the rest of the shelter population to prevent spreading the infection. Dogs that didn’t show symptoms received a vaccination. The shelter waited two weeks before opening up adoptions again.

Vaccinations for kennel cough are inexpensive and can be administered by a veterinarian. Desert Trails Veterinarian Katie Estill said a pet that hasn’t received a vaccination for kennel cough needs to have one at least 48 hours before going to a heavily dog-populated area like a dog park or a boarding facility.

Questions about kennel cough at the shelter can be directed to the City-County Animal Shelter at (775) 623-6403.