Fifield wins Flex Fitness Junior Golf Tournament

Fifield wins Flex Fitness Junior Golf Tournament

Fifield wins Flex Fitness Junior Golf Tournament

Zane Fifield shot a round of 85 to win the Flex Fitness Junior Golf Tournament held Wednesday at Winnemucca Municipal Golf Course. Nearly 40 junior golfers competed in the tournament.

Dillon Patterson (86) was second and Kobe Stoker (87) was third.

Tatyana Carlson shot a tournament best 76 to lead the way in the girls 15 to 17-year-old division.

In the 13 to 14-year old age group, Tristan Cassinelli won with a 45 and Julian Esquivel was second at 50.

Cal Peters (51) placed third, Hunter Mullins (52) was fourth and Rian DeLong shot a 54 to place fifth. Kaiden Esquivel (57) and J.J. Drobny (85) rounded out the scores.

Landon Esquivel shot a 55 for nine holes to win the boys 11 to 12-year-old group. John Boyle (56) finished second, Trenton Mullis (55) placed third and AJ Mendoza (66) was fourth. Glenn Sakurada shot a 76 to finish fifth and Tarrin Lyon (83) was sixth.

Jaden Jimenez won the 10 and under age group with a round of 45. Txema Bengochea was second at 46 and Logon Pointon placed third at 48. Luis Mendoza (53) and Luke Fentress (67) were fourth and fifth, respectively.

Byron Jimenez (76), Txendoa Cabatbat (77), Jace Frydendal (80), Michael Hiekkilla (81), Caleb Morrison (85), Regan Kenner (87) and Gage Frydendal (88) rounded out the scores.

In the girls 11 to 12-year-old division, Marquette Cassinelli was first with a score of 68. Angelina Martinez pace the field in the girls 13 to 14-year old division with a round of 45.

In the girls 10 and under division, Katelyn Cassinelli won with a 47 and Annika Elms was second at 68.